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Residential Window Cleaning

If you have a hectic schedule that never comes to end. Between looking after your kids, shopping, going for groceries, or any office project, because life is very busy nowadays. Let the experts at Rain or Shine Window Cleaning take window cleaning from your schedule. If you're undertaking seasonal cleaning or planning for the holidays we can take one of your jobs to help you in your busy routine.

Rain or Shine not only serves to assure that the public glistens but also our prized ownership, our homes. We promise of performing an excellent job and retaining your confidence completely in the process. With the most leading level of client gratitude and guaranteed accountability, we will make sure that Rain or Shine is the firm to visit. We aim to not only compose your home shine but keep you fully compensated.


Cleaning of all outer windows which include cleaning of screens, frames, and ledges. However, any Strom windows or doors will not be excluded.


Cleansing of all inside & outside windows which includes washing of interior coverings, ledges, and borders. Strom windows will not be separated.


Brushing of shades to eliminate loose dust. Eliminate storms and wash both sides. Clean the outer window, and restore the storm. Discard loose dust and water from ledges.


Washing of all inner & outer windows which include borders, ledges, and shades. Storm windows will be departed and clean on both sides.

RAIN OR SHINE Window Cleaning & Building Maintenance (Alberta)

We have been presenting supreme quality window cleaning services for more than 21 years! Commercial, Residential & High Rise Window Washing. (High-Quality. Devoted. Guaranteed. Trustworthy)