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Expect Your Property to Be Automatically Free and Clear of Snow and Ice Throughout the Entire Winter

Our clients expect our team to automatically respond with prompt service for all types of weather events which may create a hazard on your property, including snowfalls over one-centimeter, freezing rain and ice storms.

1. Contingency Response Plans

Spearheaded by an in-house, cutting-edge weather monitoring facility, ROS contingency response plans are customized to manage all types of winter hazards.

2. Innovative Quality Control Systems

Equipped with fully-automated field service reporting and management capabilities, our proprietary quality control system ensures top-notch service delivery at all times.

3. Exceptional Winter Safety Record

Fully insured and compliant, our industry-leading safety management procedures ensure clients face limited impact from any weather-related liability issues.

4. Advanced Logistics and Automation

Innovative technological solutions and breakthroughs include GPS-tracked vehicles, live field video surveillance, automated dispatch, and computerized routing.

5. Modern Technologies

ROS Utilizes modern technology such as live dash cameras, in all our trucks and heavy equipment to deliver the best in snow and ice maintenance service.

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